Pill-watch idea may be ticket to space centre

Holly Cooper, 10, with her sister Sophie, is a Origin’s littleBIGidea finalist. Picture: Ryan OslandA DESIRE to help her little sister gave 10-year-old Holly Cooper an idea that could take her to the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in the United States.

Holly, from Adamstown, and a Belair Public School student, is a finalist in Origin’s littleBIGidea competition for students in years 3 to 8, which seeks innovative ideas from young people.

Holly wants to create a watch with alarm capabilities and a small, lockable compartment for storing tablets.

A discreet alarm sounds when it is time for the wearer to take their medicine, and a linked phone application would allow the wearer’s parents to be notified when the tablet had been taken.

Her six-year-old sister Sophie was diagnosed with Graves disease at an extremely young age, and has to take medication three times a day.

She said she had the idea following a family trip to Japan when the family was so busy that they often forgot when it was time for Sophie’s next dose.

On Monday, Holly will head to a ceremony in Sydney where she will present her idea to a judging panel that includes former host of ABC’s The New Inventors and Origin littleBIGidea ambassador James O’Loghlin.

She said she was “excited and nervous” at the prospect of winning.

“My big sister really wants to go to NASA because that’s where they filmed the One Direction video,” she said.

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